This is fantastic news to a hurting and broken world. God created humans with a desire for happiness, fulfillment and abundance, but the sad reality of our world is that most people are not walking in the abundant life that Christ offers. Even many believers are not truly enjoying God and walking in the good works that he has designed for them to walk in. 

Like so many others, Abundant Life Multiplied founder Ryan Roberts didn’t realize how much God wanted him to delight in the good works that he had for him, believing instead that he must choose a seemingly “harder” path to bring God glory.

After being fed up with walking in what he “should” do, he and his wife decided to brave the unknown of truly enjoying the things God had for them. It was Ryan’s own journey that sparked his desire to help young adults realize how God truly wants them to enjoy the work that he has for them. 

Not only does God want them to enjoy the work, he designed them with special gifts and passions to carry out the good works that he has for them (Eph. 2:10). People need to know that operating in those gifts and enjoying the work he has for them brings God glory, not choosing the seemingly “harder” path that they think they “should” take. Whether those good works take them to the business sector, or to being a photographer or missionary, when people learn that God designed them for good works and they begin to walk in those, they truly begin to thrive and enjoy Christ unlike ever before. 

A few ways ALM helps believers experience abundant life are:

  • Using various tools to help young adults discover the good works that God has designed them for
  • Coaching young adults into opportunities they enjoy and that promote thriving and living out an abundant life in Christ
  • Modeling an abundant life of Christ to young adults through personal life coaching and mentoring. 

At ALM, we believe that as people learn to walk in the abundant life that Christ offers, they attract a lost and hurting world in need of the gift of an abundant life in Christ. As people receive this incredible gift, it is multiplied into others, lives are changed, and communities are transformed.



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